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We are glad to tell you about Potts Of Honey, we are a small family run business. We live and work in the lovely Malvern Hills area. Russ and Julie along with two children started beekeeping a few years ago. Initially it was a hobby, however it soon became prominent in our lives, with all it has to offer.

Russ, was the first beekeeper in our family and discovered the enjoyment of beekeeping then encouraged the rest of the family to get involved too. Julie soon embraced beekeeping and furthermore is the creative mind behind the products offered at Potts of Honey.

During the first lock down of 2020 we became busy using all the surplus produce from our honey bees. In getting back to nature, we want to offer products with the smallest of impact on the environment. We also want to promote the honey bee and work in helping to preserve their future on this planet. Hence our products use eco friendly or recycled packaging, where it is possible to do so.

We currently have Aperies that range from the beautiful hillside of the Malvern hills and spreading across the countryside into areas of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We aim to increase the number of our hives substantially over the next couple of years.

Our Beehives and the Malvern Hills in the background.

Potts Of Honey Area

The Malvern Hills is a beautiful area on the English landscape located in the county of Worcestershire and is a back drop to Great Malvern, Tenbury Wells and Upton Upon Severn.

Great Malvern is a Victorian town which winds its way up the one side of the ancient Malvern Hills and features a natural spring which the residents can draw water from. Malvern Spring Water is the preference of Queen Elizabeth II.

Upton upon Severn is a crossing point of the River Severn and its current bridge was built in 1940.

Tenbury Wells is a key market town in the area with a focus on Apples, Mistletoe, Holly and Hops.

To learn more about Potts Of Honey, please send us a note via our contact page here.

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